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Chuzhou is located in the east of Anhui Province and on the west edge of the Yangtze River triangle Zone. It is also called Wan Dong. Its geographical location is north 31°51'一33°13' and east 117°09'一119°13'. Its total area is 13,300 square kms. From southeast to north, It is connected with NanJing, YangZhou and Huaian in Jiangsu Province.

The Yangtze River and Huaihe River extend through Chuzhou City. The physiognomy of the whole city can be divided into three categories, hills land, downland and plain area and the topography is high in the west and low in the east. The highest mountain in the whole city is the North General Ridge in the area of Nanjiao, the altitude of which is 399.2m. Around the hill lands scatter platforms and wave-shaped stripes, which form the downland. The area around Chu River, the bank of Huaihe River, Nvshan Lake and Gaoyou Lake is the main plain area.

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Chuzhou Fengyang County
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