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photo of Guanlu Village
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Guanlu Village is a village in Yi county at the foot of the Mountain Huangshan. Yi county is the source of the story “The Peachblossom Fountain Beyond The Earthliness”, written in“Upon The Peachblossom Fountain” by Tao Yuanming, a great poet in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317—420 A.D.). Li Bai, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty (617-907 A.D.), wrote a poem when he visited here, “A little Peachblossom Fountain Yi county is / With pervasive rosy clouds over miles away / Plants endowed with life abound / People esteem the ancient attire.” 8 km southwest of Yi county seat, Guanlu Village of Xiwu Township is a shining scenic spot in the Peachblossom Fountain, praised by the visitors as “the Treasure of Mountain Huangshan, China”.

Guanlu Village is a big village where people gathered since the ancient time. The Wang family has been living here for nearly one thousand years since their arrival in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). In the middle of the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911), the Wang family made fortune in business alongside the Yangtze River. They went in a large scale in for the architecture, and consequently changed the appearance of the village. Badajia (The Big Eight), the central architecture of Guanlu Village, were eight luxurious houses built by eight brothers. In the exterior, they seem to be separate, while in fact they are connected together as a whole, a representative of the traditional Chinese family-tribe consciousness and family power.

There is an age-old spring in Guanlu Village, limpid and sweet all year around, with icy cool at the height of summer, and rising steam in the depth of winter. Most of the villagers enjoys longevity thanks to the water they drink.

It will be a journey full of simplicity, joy, and freshness if traveler tour the thousand-year-old village, taste the sweet spring water for longevity, enjoy the simple and natural food, and listen to the folk songs.

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