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photo of Mountain Jiuhua
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Mountain Jiuhua, a branch range of Mountain Huangshan and within the boundaries of Qingyang County in the south of Anhui Province, stretches over an area of 120 square kilometers.

Mountain Jiuhua's original name is Mountain Jiuzi. Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, praised that the nine peaks are quite like nine blooming lotuses, and wrote a poem, one line of which is like this “nine flowers bloom on beautiful mountain”. So the mountain was named Mountain Jiuhua since that.

Mountain Jiuhua is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China, enjoying the fame of “Lotus Flower Buddhist Kingdom”. In the Tang Dynasty, the noble of the Xinluo royal family Jin Qiaojue became a monk. He crossed the sea and lived in the cave under Dongya Peak to mortify himself. After he died, the other monks honored him as Dizang Bodhisattva. They built a tower as his tomb in honor of him. Mountain Jiuhua soon became a place for Buddhist rites. The fame of this Buddha soon spread far and wide both domestically and internationally.

Mountain Jiuhua is imposing with numerous beautiful peaks. It has 99 peaks among which Tiantai (Heavenly Platform), Lianhua (Lotus Flower), Tianzhu (Heavenly Column) and Shiwang (Ten Kings) are included in the nine steepest ones. The main peak, Shiwang Peak, towers 1,342 meters (4,398 ft.) above sea level. The springs and waterfalls are flying, and plants are flourishing. The climate is temperate and moist with four distinct seasons. Places of cultural interest and Buddhist atmosphere are in harmony with natural scenes, contributing to its reputation as “First Mountain in Southeast China”.

Jiuhua Street lies at the hinterland of Mountain Jiuhua, where some large-scale temples such as Corporal Grand Hill, Dragon Temple, and Huacheng Temple are situated here.

Mountain Jiuhua has more than 90 temples and monasteries, more than 6,000 sculptured Buddha's and a number of Corporal Buddha's. Among the 2,000 pieces of well-protected cultural relics, the most valued are the Buddhist scriptures on pattra from the Tang Dynasty, the edition of the Tripitaka from the Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, and the Blood Suttra from the Ming Dynasty.

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