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Wofo Temple

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photo of Wofo Temple
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    Wofo Temple (Sleeping Buddha Temple), originally named Doushuai Temple, was built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Large renovations were carried out during the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911), and the temple was renamed Shifanpujue Temple in the twelfth year of the emperor Yongzheng (1734). Today, however, the temple is commonly known as Wofo Temple because it houses a bronze statue of the sleeping Buddha, founded in 1321. The temple complex contains four halls and courtyards with a colored glass screen, a pool and a stone bridge in front of them, and Mountain Shouan rising behind them. The delicate bronze statue is a good example of Chinese arts achievement. In 2000, Wofo Temple was accepted as one of the National historic sites.

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photo of Conservatory
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    The main Conservatory, one of the biggest projects in Beijing, was setup in 1999 with an area of 6,500 square meters for display. Totally 3,000 taxa of plants were grown in crystal sections, including rainforest house, cacti & succulent house, orchid &carnivorous house, alpine house, foliage plant house and flower show house. The features of the rainforest are displayed in the tropical rainforest house, such as the plank buttress roots, dripping-tip leaves, cauline flowers, and etc. The diversity of epiphytes and carnivorous plants arrests children's and even parents'eyes in the orchid &carnivorous house. More than 1000 species of cacti and succulents are collected in their house. It makes traveler feel like walking on an Arizona or Africa pathway. So, the conservatory is a very important site for the education of botany and conservation of plant resources.

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Penjing Garden

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photo of Penjing Garden
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    Penjing (Bonsai) is an ancient tradition art in China. Its long history can be traced back to 1,900 years ago. The Penjing garden is an attractive exhibition in the Beijing Botanical Garden. Most Penjing works come from different parts of China with distinct styles. There are also outdoor miniature trees over 100 years old in the garden. A ginkgo tree is now more than 1,300 years old. The garden provides visitors with an elegant place to study the Penjing art, appreciate and exchange the works.

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