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photo of Jinyun Temple
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    Being built early in 423 A.D. in South Dynasty, Jinyun Temple was granted the names of “Chanzhen Palace”, “Xiangsi Temple”, “Chongshen Temple” and “Chongjiao Temple” by the emperors of successive dynasties. In 30th year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty, it was renamed Jinyun Temple by Emperor Shengzhong. The temple was destroyed for several times during the past one thousand years. The existent temple was rebuilt in the year of 1663 Qing Dynasty by Monk Pokong, and in 1932 the director of China Buddhist Society Master Taixu set up Sino-tibetan Buddhist Doctrine Institute here and trained a lot of talented Buddhists as Zhao Puchu, etc, so it enjoys the reputation of “Buddhist Holy Land in the Eastern Sichuan Province”.

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Jinyun Temple
Lion Peak
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