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photo of simianshan mountain Scenic Zone
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    The simianshan mountain Scenic Zone is located in Jiangjin City, southwest of chongqing.
    Simianshan mountain is national top scenic spot. It has 28 thousand hectors of evergreen broad-leaved forests that are the home to more than 2000 kinds of plants and animals also it includes 28 waterfalls and 8 lakes. The total number of scenic spots is 128.With its dense forests and grand mountains, with its graceful lakes and wonderful waterfalls, simianshan mountain is such a natural art that charms everyone.
    The simianshan moutains range is joined and lasts hundred of miles. Overlooking from the top, one can see overlap of mountains, dense forests, and pure lakes.
    The Forest of Simianshan Mountain contains various kinds of trees. For this reason, it is recognized by the United Nations as one of the few natural species gene banks in the world. Many ancient plant species such as tulip poplar and spinulose fern tree are still growing healthily in the forest. While walking in the dense forest, tourists cannot help marveling at the ancient trees.

    The main attractions here are the following: Dawopu, Eight-Angle Peak, Pingshan Hill, Suspension Bridge, Hill of Flowers and Fruits, Water Curtain Cave, Camel Hill, Trunk Mountain, Monkey Mountain, Tiger's Mouth, and so on.

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simianshan mountain Scenic Zone
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