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Eighteenfold Streams Scenic Area is located in Nantong Town, Minhou County, derived from the eighteen anabranches there. With quite abundant tourism resources, it is praised as the wonder in Mid Fujian Province, integrating mountains, waters, caves and stones.

Natural, simple and full of wild interest, the area is most famous for the eighteen scenes of the eighteenfold streams apparently:the first is Linyin Old Temple, the second is Black Dragon Playing with Balls, the third is Big Cap-Fragrant Grass, the fourth is Streams, Hills and Quiet Kiosks, the fifth is Vega and Jigong, the sixth is Party of all Supernaturals, the seventh is Secret Cave of Milord, the eighth is Waterfall and Dragon's Pond, the ninth is Good Harbor for Avoiding Wind, the tenth is Cave-dwelling of Three Supernaturals, the eleventh is Black Dragon Spitting Water, the twelfth is Weiyadongtian, the thirteenth is Black Jar Full of Rainwater, the fourteenth is Cliff Taking Away Life, the fifteenth is Jade Wall and Green Carpet, the sixteenth is All Supernaturals Going to Yao, the seventeenth is Gecko Asking Sky and the last one is Macaques Living Leisurely and Carefree.

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Eighteenfold Streams Scenic Area
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