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photo of Introduction of Chaozhou City
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Chaozhou locates at southeast of Guangdong province, adjacent to Southe China Sea. East longitude 116 degree 22 cent to 117 degree 11 cent, north latitude 23 degree 26 cent to 24 degree 14 cent, tropic of cancer through south of Chaozhou. Total land area is 3,083.9 square kilometer, still has ocean area 533 square kilometers. Chaozhou first established in 331 A.D., already has more than 1,600 years history, ever follow Haiyang, Yian County and Chaoan city, Chaozhou first begin in 591, that is take “Meaning that tidewater come and go”. It is said a lucky phoenix ever perch here; bring luck to Chaozhou, so Chaozhou also named “Phoenix city”. Chaozhou is the seat of county, state, road and government of past dynasty, ever is political, economy and culture center, enjoy the praise of “Famous mountain state”, “Seashore city”.

December 8th of 1986, State Department approves Chaozhou as Famous State historical city. January of 1989, Chaozhou rank as province govern city.

December of 1991, State Department repartition Chaoshan district, Chaozhou promote as local city, govern new resume Chaoan, new established Xiangqiao and Raoping form governed by Shantou.

On September 7, 1991, State department approve Chaozhou become local state city, govern Chaoan, Raoping, and Xiangqiao (Maple brook area set administration committee at the end of 1995.). Now city total area is 3,613.9 sq. km. Therein land area is 3,080.9 sq. km, sea area is 533sq. km.

Now Chaozhou has a population of 2,490,000, Xiangqiao area 343,466, maple brook 106,228. (According to 2003 city statistic bureau issued.) Chaozhou city area expands to northwest, southwest and east from former ancient city area. Chaozhou city area expands to 380,000 from 80,000. Chaozhou city planning area expands to 1,680,000.

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