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photo of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area
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Mountain Baiyun Scenic Area is located in the north of Guangzhou City.

The clouds often rise gradually and make one side of the mountain dazzlingly white like being veiled in autumn, hence the name Mountain Baiyun. The mountain comprises more than 30 peaks with an area of 28 square kilometers, is reputed as “the first mountain in Nanyue”.

Mountain Baiyun is bestowed with abundant natural scenery, historic sites and other tourist attractions. The mountain is covered with thick green trees and grasses, and wild flowers spotted everywhere along the paths. Sweet Brook, Willow Brook and other springs and waterfalls wind their leisurely way into Lu Lake and the huangpodong Reservoirs. The mountain is decorated with many historic sites including the First Peak of the South, Nine Dragon Spring, Nengren Temple, the Rock of Zhengxian, Ancient Shuangxi Temple and Baiyun Inn for Immortals. “Dusk View of Mountain Baiyun”, “Soughing of the Wind in the Pines on Mountain Baiyun”, and “Clear Spring of the Willow Brook”have, for centuries, been among the Eight natural views of the five-ram city.

Along with construction and development projects in recent years, new tourist sights-namely Spring Chriping Valley, Guangzhou Tablet Woods, Yuntai Garden, Park of Sculptures and Peak Blossom Brook, have been added to Mountain Baiyun, enhancing the already splendid scenery when combined with the original sights. These features together with the continuous improvement of tourist facilities constitute a more comprehensive and ecological tourist experience, incorporating exploration, sight-seeing, body-building, recreation and entertainment.

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Mountain Baiyun Scenic Area
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