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photo of The Cemetery of Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs
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Located in Xianliezhong Road, Guangzhou City, the Cemetery of Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs covers an area of 13,200 square meters. It was built in 1912 to commemorate the 72 martyrs died in Guangzhou uprising on April 27,1911.

Similar to triumphal arch style, its front gate is an archway with 3 arches, on which are engraved four golden characters inscribed by Dr. Sun Yat-sun, meaning that a noble spirit will never perish. And the main buildings are the martyrs' coffin pit and the memorial archway. The square coffin pit with stone railing is 17.5 meters each side. In the center is a grave pavilion, just like a hanging bell, housing a “72 martyrs' Grave” gravestone. Behind the coffin pit is the memorial archway built to memory the 72 martyrs' merits during the period of Republic of China, at the top of which stands a 3.4-meter-height stone Statue of Liberty, demonstrating that the revolutionary martyrs has been in unremitting pursuit of liberty and democracy all along. Behind the memorial archway is a tablet inscribed a detailed record of this uprising. Inside the park, there are also many tombs including Dengzhouyuan's grave, Pandawei's grave, Yangxianyi's grave, Shijianru's temple, Fengru's grave, Fanhongtai's grave, etc.

Full of green trees and blooming chrysanthemums, this park is a well-known tourist resort in Guangzhou, famous for its tranquil environment and its buildings of grandeur and sacredness. In 1985, it was elected to be one of the eight new landscapes of Guangzhou, named “Chrysanthemums- A noble spirit”. In July 2002, it was again evaluated as one of the Hot 8 scenic spots of Guangzhou in the new century, named “Holy chrysanthemums in a bright moon”.

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The Cemetery of Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs
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