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photo of Minsk World
Photo By: Tom
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CITIC Minsk World is the first military theme park taking aircraft carrier as body in China and even in Asia. It was built with the retired aircraft carrier of the former Soviet Union-Minsk and becomes the pioneer in the tourism with unique aircraft carrier and unique and rich military cultures.

CITIC Minsk World, with the theme idea of “Experience aircraft carrier, approach to the sea and happy military port”, will create a brand-new military theme Eden where you can experience much you have never experienced.

The giant, blue ship floats on the sea and is moored to a 90-metre-long iron bridge. Artillery positions and a group of tanks figure prominently on shore. A fifth-floor theatre that can hold 776 people is one of the first things you notice when you get onboard. Subsequently, an 18-minute film is shown about the history of aircraft carriers, informing viewers that the first one was built in Britain in 1918. The film also discusses the history of Minsk, which was unfortunately decommissioned in its prime because Russia couldn't afford to keep up its maintenance.

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