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photo of Shenzhen Immortal Lake Botanical Garden
Photo By: Tom
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Shenzhen Immortal Lake Botanical Garden is a famous botanical garden and beauty spot integrating science research, popular science and tourism.

Totally, it conserves more than 62,000 plants and has built more than 10 special botanical areas such as the Cycad Center, the Magnolia Garden, the Rare Tree Garden, the Palm Garden, the Bamboo Area, the Shady Plant Area, the Desert Plant Area, the Gingko Garden, the Hydrophyte Garden, the Peach Flower Garden, the Gymnosperm Area and the Bonsai Garden etc. It is divided into the Heaven on Earth Landscape Area, the Lake Area, the Temple Area, the Desert Plant Area, the Fossil Forest Landscape Area and the Pine, Cypress and Rhododendron Area etc and the unique Paleontological Museum as well. With the beautiful natural scenes, unique garden architectures and mysterious plants, the garden wins the praise of the visitors. The Palm Area, with tender and green grasses and coconut and palms distributing inside, shows us a vivid tropic scene; the Shady Plant Area hides insectivores ready for preying and the dancing orchids with brilliant flowers, like a beautiful maid of honor dancing elegantly; the Fossil Forest has erecting agate fossils and many old trees memorizing the past time, seeming to tell you the history of the earth; in the desert greenhouse, psammophytes are flourishing and brilliant; in the morning, the echoing bell of the Hongfa Temple and the slow and orderly chanting are solemn; in the evening, the lake water is shining, with the inverted reflections of green trees and booths, like a picture, amazing and fantastic!

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Shenzhen Immortal Lake Botanical Garden
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