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photo of Waterlands Resort
Photo By: Tom
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The Waterlands Resort is located at the estuary of pearl River in the west of Shenzhen City. The first phase of Waterlands development covers an area of 1.73 million square meters with an investment of RMB 596 million. It is the mainstay of the tourism industry in the west of Shenzhen.

The Waterlands Resort consists of the different theme areas: Embanked Fish Ponds Area, Prime Years Area,Water Frolic Area, Waterside Market Street, Ecological Civization Museum, Green Sculptures, Ecologicai Holiday Villas, Holiday Log Cabins on Water, ldylic Forest Area, and Ecological Production Area, etc. These theme areas can fully satisfy the needs of tourists for different forms of tourism, such as sightseeing, leisure and vacationing, and education through demonstration, and can accommodate the needs of toursts of different age groups andfrom differetnt education

As a super ecological theme park, the Waterlands Resort has transformed the mud flat of 1.73 square kilometers along the seashore into an appealing Mege-sized wonderland of a theme park with numerous attractions and varied layout on the basis of the the unique fish ponds with embankment of plants against the background of ancient fishing and farming tradition.

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Waterlands Resort
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