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Elephant Trunk Hill

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Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin city, right located on river bank of Li River and city center area.

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Li River

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Li river is running through the Guilin city, and divide Guilin into two parts. There are many karst peaks along the river, bamboo rafting, cruise, hiking and kayaking are the best ways to view the scenery.

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Yaoshan Mountain

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Yaoshan Mountain lies in the east of Guilin , 12 km from the downtown. The highest peak is 903.3 meters high and is the highest hill in Guilin .

It received its name from a Yao emperor temple, which was built the top of the mountain in the Tang dynasty. Each season offers a different view. In spring azalea flowers are everywhere, in summer the bamboo compete with each other for greenness and in autumn the red maples with falling leaves make the hill appear as though it's afire. The winter's snow on mountains is as transparent as pure crystal.

The Hill has several places of interest including Yao Temple , White Deer Temple , Jade Breast Pond and Tianci Field. Jingjiang King Tomb's covering over 100 square meters are the most famous attractions in the area.

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Lingqu Canal

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In 214 BC (the time when the construction of the Great Wall was begun),Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, ordered the excavation of the Lingqu canal. Thereafter, the obstructing Five Ridges gave way to this convenient waterway. Northern civilization came all the way down through the canal and then to the Li River to Guilin, creating a unique culture of Guilin in combination with the aboriginal culture.The building of the canal made Guilin become an important town, a connection between the southern-most part of China and the central area of the country in ancient times. Lingqu Canal is the oldest canal in the world and is one of the three ancient Chinese Grand Irrigation Works. It is the embodiment of the Chinese people.

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Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

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Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is 666 meters long, located in the downtown of Guilin city. It is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, theatres, stadiums, commercial facilities and scenic spots..

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street has all of the conveniences that are required for good shopping in a very pleasant environment.

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