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photo of Introduction of Qionghai City
Photo By: Tom
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On the vast south coast of China and the east coast of Hainan lsland with delicious coconut tastes, there is a beautiful and magic place called Qionghai City, young and full of charm, a Chinese excellent tourist city. This fertile land has a long history, many distinguished people, prosperous culture, honest folkway and rich resources. This is a famous town of overseas Chinese, where there is the beautiful & rich Wanquan River and the well-known brilliant history of the Red Women Army. It is a window of opening to the outside and a platform for dialogue among Asians. The Boao Forum for Asia taking place here attracts worldwide attention. Qionghai is called the bright pearl on the east coast of Hainan Island.

Qionghai has good infrastructures and developed traffic and communications and, from which to Haikou is 86 km through the expressway circulating the island. There are four passageways in the city. By using program-controlled telephones and mobile telephones, more than 200 countries and regions around the country and the world can be contacted. Composed of Jiaji, Boao and Guantang, the great Qionghai has become the third largest cities in Hainan during the growth of urbanization in the early 21st century. Numbers of merchants from home and abroad are attracted to invest, visit, lie fallow and make holidays here by prominent investment environment, rustic local conditions & customs, unique resource potential and good social order. Qionghai is permeated with a new & dynamic atmosphere, where spring tide is emerging, human spirits are high and there are excellent brands and more businessmen.

As a large tourist city, Qionghai holds rare and abundant tourist resources. The beautiful Wanquan River runs down from Mountain Wuzhi like a flashing jade belt, demonstrating the ecological beauty by its mysterious tropical rain forest features. From the sluggish headstream to the surging sea entrance, along the one hundred of riversides, tourist areas grow up successively and colorful tourist programs are presented. The thousands of travelers from home and abroad are attracted by some famous tourist brands such as Wanquan River Drifting, Wanquan Lake Holiday Area, Baishiling Beauty Spot, Coco Village Scenery, Guantang Hotspring Holiday Area, Wanquan River Tourist Area, Memorial Park of the Red women Army and Boao Aquapolis, Especially, the scenes at the entrance of Wanquan River into the sea show magnificent scenery to people from the world. Nearly perfectly protected, the river entrance is praised by foreign experts as the most consummate virgin land ever preserved among the natural sights of river entrances to seas in the world. The Jade Belt Beach separating the river from the sea has been listed in the Guinness world record. Boao has been designated as the permanent place for holding Boao Forum for Asia, and Boao is preparing a fairy tale well known in the world. Formal President Jiang Zemin participated the initial ceremony of Boao Forum. Formal Premier of State Council Zhu Rongji participated the 2002 Annual Forum. Premier of State Council Wen Jiabao participated the Forum in 2003 and the President of state Hu Jingtao participated the Forum in 2004. President Jiang Zemin wrote a poem when coming to Boao of Qionghai for the second time. Wanquan has a new scene, with wide water and pure evening wind; wise people gather here due to the attractive Boao. The beautiful natures sceneries and generous human sights make Qionghai have fascinating tourist resources and much better.

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