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photo of Yueyang Tower
Photo By: Joanna
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Yueyang Tower is situated on the top of the west city gate, Yueyang City, and was first built in the Tang Dynasty. Delicate and magnificent in terms of construction, it is one of the Three Famous Towers in Southern China and a treasure in Chinese classical architectures, hence its reputation :“Dongting Lake is the best among all the lakes on earth; Yueyang Tower surpasses others of its kind in the world.”

With special emthod of construction, Yueyang Tower was built without a single nail and beam, which is very peculiar in the whole history of Chinese classical architecture. Inside the building there stands the woodcarving screen of About Yueyang Tower handwritten by the famous calligraphist Zhang Zhao of the Qing Dynasty.

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Yueyang Tower
Dongting Lake
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