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photo of Shanghai Wild Animal Park
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    Shanghai Wild Animal Park is the first national wild animal park established by Shanghai Municipal Government and State Forestry Administration. It is located in XuanQiaoTown of Nanhui District in Pudong New Area, and about 35km from Shanghai downtown and coving an area of 153 hectares (2,300Mu). 300 millions Yuan was invested in this park and this park was opened to the public on November 18, 1995, also SWAP is one of the first AAAA national visiting spots. More than 200 kinds representative and rare animals form the world were collected in SWAP, and the number of animal is about 10,000, such as foreign giraffe, zebra, antilope white rhinoceros and so on, at the same time such as national prior protected giant panda, snub-nosed monkey, Chinese tiger. 
    The park is divided into 2 parts, bus visiting area and walking area.         
    In the bus visiting area, traveler can see gentle giraffe, elongating his neck and expecting your visit. Traveler also can see elephant, the biggest mammal on land, greeting the guest gently;what is more, traveler can find you are among golden antilopes, one of the 3 national treasures. At the same time, here traveler can see the most fast animal in the world, cheetah, who can run 110 km per hour; African lion, the king of beasts, showing his general deportment; Clumsy bear, begging food from the passing buses; Majestic tiger, watching the passing buses, showing his leadership……
    In the walking area, traveler can enjoy the world rare animals such as white lion, white tiger, white kangaroo, giant panda, Chinese alligator and so on. What is funny is traveler can have a photo with alpaca camel, zebra and elephant. It is really a good experience and opportunity. In the small animal garden, traveler can hug the small animal, feed lovely monkey, and have the experience of keeper to see personally the miraculously generating. 
    In the animal showing place, traveler can see the big show between human and beast, all kinds of animal showing, beast training show, the exciting show with the tiger and lion on the same platform. World-class sea lion show will give traveler astonishment and thinking. Newly presented big animal racing of Greyhound, horse of Mongolia will open traveler's eyes.
    During the visiting, traveler can relax as sitting on the lawn, among the pigeons in square, feeling the long time no seeing cloud, drinking with friends in restaurant.

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Shanghai Wild Animal Park
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