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photo of Panshan elegant waters
Photo By: ch
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??Elegant waters are the spectacular scenery of the Panshan Mountain, which rush down the mountain with roaring waves for miles, just like white silk flying, jade splashing down and pearl spraying out. In Li Dao Yuan’s Commentary on the Scripture of Water, he said: “Panshan Mountain’s waters come from the top of the mountain, rush down for miles, at the height of ten kilometers with vast rushing waves and collapsing billows, flowing through valleys along its way.” Liu Tong in the Ming Dynasty described Panshan Mountain’s clear springs like this: “from under the mountain, there are many rushing springs, which shoot up to touch the stones, splashing and ?murmuring day and night. It seems that the rushing water would shake the inverted- pyramid-shape rocks. This is the characteristics of the Panshan Mountain’ springs.” Emperor Qianlong wrote in his enjoying the snow of the Panshan Mountain: “it seems that all waters from myriad mountains gather in a gully and all waters from seas dash on the rocks, the grand echoes are running over the pines; at the time when it changes from raining to shining, numerous streams become wild to soar. This spectacularity is more magnificent than that so many men strike a large bell.”

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