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photo of Panshan peculiar rocks
Photo By: ch
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??Peculiar rocks are the marvelous spectacle here, they are scattered all over the mountain taking the shape of all kinds of things. Tang Shunzhi in the Ming Dynasty once visited the Panshan Mountain and wrote about the rocks” seek for everything to compare with the valuable rocks, nothing is more particular than these rocks, one of which looks like a sheep sleeping in the grass, fancying it changed by theurgy, and a squatting tiger is surprised at being shot by a miraculous arrow, or stands still, just like a lady waiting for her beloved.” There were once eight famous rocks here. With the discovery by the inscriptions of celebrities and the tourists to increase the number, Master Zhipu, the first one to establish the record of the Panshan Mountain, recorded 25 rocks; in Regius Records of the Panshan Mountain in Emperor Qianlong’ time,42,and in talking about the Panshan Mountain in the year of the Republic,57.

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