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photo of Panshan rare pines
Photo By: ch
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??Pines are the uniqueness of the Panshan Mountain, most of which grow in the spaces of the rocks with some growing sidelong or upside down , some taking the shape of an umbrella and some with the branches curling and obscuring the sky. Wang Heng in the Ming Dynasty, made remarks about the resorts of the Panshan Mountain like this: “pines are the best of the Panshan Mountain”.Xu Tongxin, in the Republic, wrote in Traveling around the Panshan Mountain “there are the same rocks and waters in some other mountains, but Panshan Mountain’s pines are exclusive. Although Huangshan Mountain’s pines are well-known, only those grow on the perpendicular cliffs take the rare and transformable shapes, most of which can’t be compared with Panshan Mountain’s pines”. Emperor Qianlong also highly praised:”though pines are everywhere, yet Panshan Mountain’s pines are the first on earth”. Not only are the thousand-year-old pines hale and hearty, but also quantities of brilliant younger pines show off their majestic appearance. All the pines of different generations welcome the gusts all over the world.

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