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Camiguin Province which is located in Northern Mindanao is known as the "Island Born of Fire". This island has 7 volcanoes that and the only island in Southeast Asia had. Camiguin is part of the provinces that comprising Region X in which it lies 10 km off the coast of Misamis Oriental and along with the Provinces of Bukidnon, Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental.

Camiguin is a volcanic island that was formed because of the volcanic eruptions and land movements which have created this spectacular and beautiful island. Camiguin is a pear shaped in form and has a total land area of 238 square kilometers. Camiguin is a has a beautiful scenic view which has spectacular natural wonders with historical and cultural heritage.

Camiguin is one of the Philippines beautiful island paradise and one of the popular tourist destination. Camiguin's unexploited beauty makes the island so charming that tourist aroung the world wanted to experience. Camiguin has a lot to offer to the visitors. This tiny island has lots of tourist attraction and scenic natural resources like lush of green forest, volcanic splendor, eternal hot and cold natural springs, pristine patches of black and white beaches, majestic waterfalls, exotic marine life, blue-ridge mountains and serene surroundings.

Camiguin is one of the popular diving destinations in the world. The waters of this island has varied ecosystem. It has beautiful and exotic marine life that this island is also a divers paradise. Camiguin has also world class white sand beach resorts ideal for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Camiguin is best experienced than described as one gets enchanted by her mystical charm. It really has amazing natural resources and peaceful atmosphere that stir and baffle the minds of everyone.

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