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Davao has become a well developed tourist destination in the Philippines. One of the most booming tourist destination that tourist want to visit. Davao has world-class resort and hotel accommodation and the best sporting facilities. Davao has many magnificent scenic view to see and is also rich in culture that blends the Eastern and Western culture.

Davao is also known 'Orchard of the Philippines' because of the exotic flowers particularly the orchids with over a thousand species that can only found in the Philippines. The vanda sanderiana is native only to Mindanao. Davao is the major cutflower producer in the country. Davao is also the biggest exporter of tropical fruits in the Philippines. The province produce pineapples, bananas, pomelos, marang, durian and mangoes. Philippine eagle can also be found in this province.

Davao is a paradise that has a variety of natural attractions. The place will amazed nature lover and adventure lover because of its superb world-class beaches, it's magnificent islands, famous diving sites and an exciting range of mountain adventures.

Experience breathtaking picturesque scenic view of Davao. It's cultural and historical landmarks. With it's mountains with waterfalls,springs and caves; forests of rare plant and animal species; islands and beaches with crystal clear waters and coral reefs. These are the tourist attraction of Davao where you will enjoy your adventure everyday. Endless and non-stop activities can be experience in Davao and plenty of places to visit.

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