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  • Present status

    A city located at the north of Gyeongsangbuk-do. The area is 1,517.77 km2.
    Population is 194,210 (1994).
    It faces with Youngyang-gun•Cheongsong-gun to the east, Yecheon-gun to the west,
    Uiseong-gun to the south, and Youngju-city•Bonghwa-gun to the north.
    Guryeong-guk(驅令國)•Sora-guk(召羅國) etc. including Changnyeong-guk(昌寧國),
    which were tribe states at the present Andong were belonged to Shilla at the early age.
    But, afterwards, those were included as part of Gotaya-gun(古陀耶郡) of Shilla.
    It was renamed Gochang-gun(古昌郡) in 757 (in the 16th year of the King Gyeongdeok),
    and renamed/promoted to Andong-bu(安東府) in 930 (in the 13th year of the King Taejo).
    As time went by, name was changed and promoted/degraded several times.
    Then, in 1895 (the 32nd year of the King Gojong), Gwanchalbu(觀察府),
    which was to govern the 17 guns in the northeast of Gyeongsang-do, was established according
    to 23 Gwanchalbu system, and it was reformed to Andong-gun(郡), Gyeongsangbuk-do according
    to 13-do system in the following year.
    In 1983, part of Andong-gun was included into Andong City.
    On January, 1995, Andong City and Andong-gun were integrated as a city and farm-compounded type
    (都農複合型) city. At present, Andong City consists of 18 Dongs of the former Andong City, Pungsan-eup and 13 Eups.

  • Transportation Sightseeing

    The central line railroad penetrates the center of the city by north-south, and national roads and local
    roads stretch towards every direction. So, it is conveniently connected with other cities such as
    Daegu•Gyeongbuk etc. As for the cultural properties, there are total 221 units such as nationally
    appointed cultural properties including 4 national treasures and 32 treasures, and local cultural
    treasures etc. As for sightseeing resource, there are Hahoe(河回) folk village•Byeongsan-seowon
    (lecture hall)(屛山書院)•Hakbong remains museum•Dosan-seowon(lecture hall)(陶山書院)•Wangmo
    -sanseong (mountain fortress)(王母山城)•Ocheon Cultural Properties Complex•Andong Folk
    Museum•Andong Dam•Imha (臨河) Dam etc.

  • Society Culture

    As a city specialized in education, there are 1 university (Andong University),
    3 colleges (Catholic Sangji College·Andong Science College·Andong Information College(Gundong University)),
    13 high schools, and 18 middle schools etc. As for cultural facility, there are Andong Folk Museum·Andong University
    Museum·Culture center·Citizen’s Hall etc.
    As for medical organization, there are 2 general hospitals.
    In October every year, Andong folk festival is held and revives traditional culture.

  • Natural environment

    Andong City takes the center of the northern part of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and it is the center of traffic since
    it is neighbors with Youngyang and Cheongsong to the east, Yecheon to the west, Uiseong to the south,
    and Youngju and Bonghwa to the north.
    The TaeBaek Mountains spread to form the vein, and Nakdong River flows to the west by uniting with
    Banbyeoncheon at the eastern part of the city as flowing from North to South.
    The west and south of the city are relatively flat, but the east and north are mountains
    and farming fields are almost at the mountains. Except Pungsan Field, plain is rare.
    As for the soil, centering on Nakdong River, the land to the south consists of clay and to the north it consists of sandy soil.
    The annual range is big, and fog appears 73 days a year. Monsoon blows north to west in winter and west to north in summer.
    The average annual temperature is 12.1℃. Rainfall is 1,179.8mm a year, and it is 820.8mm in June∼September as taking 75%.

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