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Phetchaburi is a very old town and used to be an important royal for a along period of time. There were so many names by which to call this town in the old days, such as, Phripphri, Phripphli or Phetchaphli. Some historians have said that the name Phetchaburi could be the original name because it is found on Stone Scrip-true No.1. It could have been named after the Indian style, accordina to Indian influence during those day, like some other towns in Thailand, such as, Ayothaya, Kanchanaburi, Suwannaphum. In addition, it is also believed that the name Phetchaburi might have originated from the Phetch River which is an important river of this town.

    Phetchaburi is a central region province, situated on the west shore of the Gulf of Thailand having an overall area of 6,225.138 square kilometers. Its geographical characteristics are mountainous thick jungles throughout the border in the west where Tanaosi Range is the border line between Thailand and the Socialist Republic of the Union of Myanmar. There is a plain all along the seashore in the east of Changwat Samut Songkhram and Amphoe Pak Tho of Changwat Ratchaburi to the north Amphoe Hua Hin of Changwat Prachuap Khirikhan to the South and the sea-shore of the west side of the Gulf to Thailand to the east. The total length of the Phetchaburi seashore from the northern-most spot to southern-most sopt is approximately 80 kilometers while the total length of the border line in Phetchaburi dividing Thailand and Myanmar is approximately 120 Kilometers.

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