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Buddhism Culture  
The introduction of Buddhism culture into Southern Mountain is over 200 years later than the introduction of Taoist culture. The earliest Buddhist monks to Southern Mountain are Huihai and Xidun, later on, monk Huisi imparted his disciple Zhikai to form Tiantai Buddhist...
Fu Shou Culture  
The Southern Mountain (Mountain Hengshan) is the Shou Mountain in China's Five Sacred Mountains. Its blessing and Shou culture has a long history and over a long time it is a halidome for blessing and begging for long life. Southern Mountain was called the “Shou M...
Taoist Culture  
In the late period of Eastern Han Dynasty of China, Zhang Daoling introduced Taoist Culture into the Southern Mountain (Mountain Hengshan), thereafter Taoism developed continually in the Southern Mountain area. Taoism committed it self to practicing inner alchemy, namel...
   Text Culture    
  Mountain Langshan Scenic Zone】  Folk Customs    Edit: lancy  [09-09-22 19:51]
  Japan】  Gift Giving in Japan    Edit: Ryan  [08-03-06 01:00]
  China】  China Signet    Edit: Ryan  [08-03-06 00:48]
  Hanguguan Pass Ancient Culture Tourism Area】  Profound Taoism Culture    Edit: Tom  [07-12-13 23:25]
  Hanguguan Pass Ancient Culture Tourism Area】  The Long-Standing Military Culture    Edit: Tom  [07-12-13 23:25]
  The Yin Ruins Museum】  Late Shang Dynasty Culture    Edit: Tom  [07-12-09 19:13]
  The Yin Ruins Museum】  The First Capital of China    Edit: Tom  [07-12-09 19:13]
  Hebei】  Cradle of Chinese Civilization    Edit: Tom  [07-11-29 20:21]
  Guangzhou】  Chinese Painting of Lingnan Style    Edit: Dorothy   [07-10-29 20:55]
  Putian】  Bayue    Edit: Dorothy   [07-10-16 23:27]
   Picture Culture    
The Myth of Zhuh
Chen Fang
Famous Embroider
Kungfu Tea
Yum Cha and Dim
Cai Shen
Mysterious Incar
Trace of Dizang
Mingjing Incarna
Renyi Incarnatio
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