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Celebs Look Guilin

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    “Rather to be a Guilin Citizen than to be an immortal”
    ——Chen Yi,Chinese militarist,politician and poet

    “If you want to go to Yangshuo,you had better go there by wood boat along Lijiang River.Only the reflection of landscape in water is another realm.The hills in water are clearer than ones on both banks.The hills seem like moving because of the flowing water.The postures of hills change continuously with the remotion of boat.The water of Lijiang River is unusual clear,may be there is not another river's water like this.It is so clear that you can see the pebbles on the bottom,even the pattern of pebble,and the shining of the sand,even the craw trail of insect passing.The grass in the river is very dense,like the long leaves of cattail,flowing along the direction of river and flashing the dark green light.”
    ——Fang Ji,Chinese up-to-date litterateur

    About one ten millions of people from other counties come to Guilin each year in order to look at the hills,rivers,rocks.These things are available everywhere!But these here is not different which make you surprised and charmed.I don't want to talk about those artistic poems and essays,a line of poet wrote by Chen Yi is true——“Rather to be a Guilin citizen than to be immortal”.A president from one country said:“God created Adam and Eve within the first seven days and Guilin within the second seven days.We do not know what will be created the next seven days?”The foreigner believes in God,the Chinese believe in Immortal,whether it is God or not Immortal,the landscapes is too beautiful to express in words.
    ——Liang Hen,Chinese up-to-date litterateur

    I am used to write my experience at every place,but I can not write anything before the Guilin's hills and the rivers.The cells from head to foot are moving,each good word thoughtfully is not appropriate.I don not know whether the most beautiful girl say nothing,or the landscape of Guilin does not exist for literature,every litterateur become into a fool.
    —— Jia Pingao,Chinese up-to-date litterateur

    I have visited over 80 counties and over 100 cities.But no city's scene can surpass the that of Guilin.
    ——Nixon,the former president of America

    The landscape of Guilin should be listed the rank of “the Eighth Wonder of the World”.
    ——Anderlidy,the former president of Italy

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